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Friends of Linthorpe Cemetery & Nature Reserve

Nature at work at Linthorpe cemetery

Nature Reserve

The Cemetery is like an oasis in a desert of bricks and cement and has an important connection with recognised green corridors, enabling wildlife of the district to move around both at night as well as during the hours of daylight.

Apart from the birds, mammals such as foxes, Rabbits, Roe Deer and the ever present Grey Squirrels move about the town quite easily but are not so easily noticed. The cemetery has a good selection of wildflowers that can be studied by local schools and even by the nearby art students.

Noticeable too are the increasing numbers of butterflies that are found in the cemetery throughout the spring and early summer.

Linthorpe Cemetery is the largest site of Urban woodland in Middlesbrough and, as such, is a haven for all kinds of wildlife, flowers and trees.

Linthorpe Cemetery is a local nature reserve. Local Nature Reserves (LNRs) are for both people and wildlife. They are places with wildlife that is of special interest locally, giving people contact with nature close to their homes.

Why is Linthorpe Cemetery a Local Nature Reserve?

Linthorpe Cemetery is a burial ground but it

also provides a large area of accessible

semi-natural greenspace in a densely

populated urban area. It is the largest

area of mature tree cover in urban

Middlesbrough providing wildlife habitats

especially for birds. There is potential

through conservation management

to improve the wildlife interest of the site.

The greatest contribution the site

makes is to the quality of life of local

people. It is valued as a place for

quiet reflection and informal contact

with wildlife.

What is the

Middlesbrough Wildspace! Project?

In 2001 Middlesbrough had no Local

Nature Reserves. Middlesbrough Council

was one of the first local

authorities to benefit from

English Nature's Wildspace!

Grant scheme, funded by

the New Opportunities Fund.

This has funded a

Wildspace! Officer

For three years to

create four

LNRs and to


opportunities for

local people of all

ages and


to get involved in celebrating

and caring for local wildlife.

Flora & Fauna

Flowers & Funghi:

Enjoy the beautiful wild flowers at Linthorpe cemetery.



There have been many bird species spotted in the area.

Flora & Fauna Mammals


Squirrels, Rabbits, Deer, Mice and many more mammals reside here.



A wide variety of butterfly species can be found at Linthorpe

Linthorpe Cemetery has a Nature Conservation Management Plan

A five year Nature Conservation Management plan is required for LNR status. This defines the wildlife objectives of a site. It sets out projects to achieve these aims, with clear targets, timetables and costings.

Summary of the Nature Conservation Management Plan

The plan does not suggest any large scale changes to the existing maintenance of the site. Most of the projects are minor amendments of existing management practices to maximise the wildlife value of the site.



& Wildlife report

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Flora & Fauna:

From Mighty Oaks to Humble grasses, these are all found at Linthorpe